Masterson Teams Up with Veterans Equine Therapy Services (VETS)

MarcyWhen Masterson practitioner, Marcy Berbrick, approached The Joyful Horse Project about piloting a program for participants in their Veterans Equine Therapy Services (VETS) Program they knew immediately it would be the perfect addition to their program.

The VETS team is comprised of returning combat veterans and their family members who participate in a six-week program designed to forge connections and build bonds of trust with abused and neglected horses.

Introducing the Masterson Method during the grooming and bonding time is helping participants experience key concepts that are fundamental to building successful working relationships with the horses.

After the very first session participants were already making huge strides:

  • Relaxing their own bodies and quieting their own minds while working on the horses
  • Experiencing the sensitivity of the horse to the lightest touch
  • Learning how to read the responses given by the horse
  • Understanding the healing benefits to both the horse and human

Some of the returning combat soldiers and their family members who participate in the VETS Program are new to horses. Meeting a new group of people and working with these large animals can be intimidating at first and the horses will pick up on any nervousness. Having trained volunteers on hand at the VETS workshops that can demonstrate the Masterson Method will help release any underlying tensions and bring everyone into the moment.

According to Joyful Horse Project President and Co-Founder, Beth Rand “Integrating the Masterson techniques into our VETS program holds much promise —it encourages participants to experience a process that hones their observational skills and creates joyful and mutually beneficial environment for all to heal.”

Stay tuned for more news and updates as the pilot program wraps up in October.

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