Veterans Helping Horses

When The Joyful Horse Project received the nomination for Radiant Helping Hands April donation, U.S.Veterans and supporters of the Project’s Veterans Program veterans logoanswered the challenge.

The VETS team is comprised of returning combat veterans and their family members who participate in a six-week program designed to forge connections and build bonds of trust with horses that have been rehabilitated through our program.

Veteran coaches provide peer-to-peer camaraderie and assistance to other veteran participants — helping them gain the trust and respect of the horse.

This group has an exceptional commitment to community and service — lending their time and talent to helping other veteran service organizations and local community groups.

Just in the past few months they have:

  • Participated in Amplify Austin on behalf of LT Lov
  • Held a silent auction to provide BBQ for the Cpl Chad O Foundation for PTSD, and
  • Collected over 140 pairs of new pajamas on behalf of Peaceful Dreams for local shelter kids.

RadiantThe April donation of $1,000 from Radiant Helping Hands will be used to sponsor one veteran family through the six-week Veterams Program. This includes the cost of care for the horse, program fcilitation and a community lunch each week.



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